The Egyptian Nail Crowns

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This is a 5 piece set. 

My love for art, nail beauty and fashion have all fused together to design the one of a kind Nail Crown.

Completely changing the way you see nail beauty.

Throw out your plastic presson’s and adorn your hands with The nail crown dipped in 18k yellow gold. Intentionally molded to be adjustable to any finger size. This stunning piece is embellished with high quality crystals (NOT rhinestones) all around the perimeter of the crown. Designed with a faux French tip effect to tie in the most traditional nail design into this unique and new invention. Delicately centered are 3 gold petals to add a bit of regal -ness.

The only nail set in the world that will last a life time. Absolutely no upkeep or maintenance. Allows for you to continue to make wudu. The perfect accessory pieces you not only want but need in your wardrobe and jewelry collection.